The country’s capacity to fully absorb and benefit from increased investments and new technologies depends a great deal on the availability, quality and efficiency of more basic forms of infrastructure. The infrastructure sector comprises the ports, roads, rail, aviation, electricity, water supply, transportation, telecommunication sub-sectors. The Metals and Building sector within the bigger infrastructure industry is the foundation for a very safe country.

Whilst public investment infrastructure has increased the country is also actively engaged in involving private sector to meet growing demand, through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative. The policies of the Ghanaian Government seek to encourage investments in domestic infrastructure from both local and foreign private capital.

The distribution of infrastructure networks in the country generally reflects the spatial distribution of economic activity, with a greater density of transport, power and information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure in the south and southwest of the country than in the north (PWC, Africa gearing up).

The metals and building sector of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) is focused on creating an enabling environment for industries whose core business is into the production of metals and also services and products for the building industry including cement, stones, iron rods and all other building materials.



Mr. Danquah is an astute entrepreneur and business owner with a number of business entities in Ghana, South Africa and the USA. He is an accomplished individual and an excellent negotiator with the ability to engage and influence business at all levels. His diverse business interests include but not limited to media network, alcohol distillation, real estates and rentals. Some of the businesses are Metalex Group (a leader in the roofing sheet manufacturing industry); Obuoba Group (a radio station, distilleries, and hospitality and education concerns), New Ningo Salt Works (salt mining); All Danquah (real estate & rentals) and Comet Steel Pty (a steel company in South Africa).

His first group of companies was established in the year 1987 in Accra and has increasingly been making an indelible mark on the Ghanaian and West African construction sectors over three decades now. The company offers a total building solution to companies and individuals in the region and beyond.

His dedication to hard work and willingness to form strong and strategic collaborations with key industry players has made him one of West Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs.

His continued display of empathy cannot be overlooked. He gives back to society, by financially assisting hundreds of individuals through education from second cycle education to the tertiary level and employs a number of those children after successful completion of their education and training.

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