Message From The President


It gives me great pleasure to see how far we have come as an Association and I am honoured to be serving as President during this exciting time in the history of the Association of Ghana Industries.

On the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of AGI, I wish to salute all our companies and Captains of Industry who saw our relevance and remained loyal to our Association for all these decades. I invite businesses which are not yet part of this fraternity to join us.

I would like to thank all those who have generously contributed to the growth and success of AGI and who strive every day to make our business environment conducive. Some of our past AGI Presidents are no longer with us but are in our thought each day and I invite you to join me in remembering them all.

As we look back as to whether we have been true and faithful to the dreams of our predecessors, we can confidently say that we have played our part. Our network of private sector businesses in Ghana has grown over the years, through the diversity of 23 vibrant sectors. Our aspirations and hopes of creating African industrial giants have never died. This is achievable. Our commitment to our mission to “Contribute substantially to the growth and development of Industry through effective policy advocacy and provision of business support services” is total.

With six decades of policy advocacy behind us, AGI’s advocacy has gained considerable traction within the business community and is a central pillar in our agenda to make the private sector truly an engine of growth.

I also believe our business environment in Ghana necessitates a paradigm shift and a scale-up of our advocacy efforts to gain more relevance to our constituents and to wield more influence on Government decisions. AGI also acknowledges that competitiveness of local businesses is key, taking cognizance of ECOWAS as an economic bloc and the growing globalized economy.

Our 60th anniversary as a business association coincides with Ghana’s 60 years of independence. We anchored the commemoration of this occasion last year on the theme’ Promoting Industry and Quality Standards in Sixty Years of Ghana’s Economic Development’ to encourage the use of standards as a tool for export market development. It was also to inspire all our local businesses to build a reputation for quality because this has the potential to transform business while opening avenues to international markets. Trade among ourselves is rather low in West Africa and it is important to continue to frame discussions on this subject.

In the coming years, AGI will like to see a more aggressive promotion of ECOWAS investment policy by the Government and commitment from member countries towards the realization of true regional integration within ECOWAS to bolster trade.

As our country is determined to move from AID TO TRUE ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE, the Captains of Industry are being challenged to re-strategize to take advantage of the opportunities available to us rather than leaving them in the hands of foreigners to grab everything and repatriate their profits back to their countries.

Ghana is our beloved country and we owe it a duty as industrialists of this country to create, produce and consume what we produce, to enable us to build our economy. We can only grow by collaborating with other companies in our sister countries in the ECOWAS region and therefore we will work hard to ensure that the Continental Free Trade Agreement achieves its goal on the continent of Africa.

God bless AGI.

God bless Ghana.


Dr. Adu Gyamfi


Association of Ghana Industries

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