Sally Torpey

Sally Torpey

Treasurer of AGI Accra

the designer behind the SALLY TORPEY brands Oheemaa™ and the JAK Gentile Giant Collection

Sally Torpey is the treasurer for the Association of Ghana Industries, Accra (AGI, Accra).
She is the designer behind the SALLY TORPEY brands Oheemaa™ and the JAK Gentile Giant Collection which is in honor of the Former president of Ghana John A. Kufuor. Sally combines her rich sense of design, culture and heritage, along with inspiration from nature and her environment to create and produce simple, elegant, and sophisticated indigenous textiles and clothing for both men and women.

Sally has been a featured designer at the National Art Center of Accra in the African Sustainable Eco-Friendly show presented by Global Women Innovators and Inventors, and her international exposure includes participation in past editions of Miami Fashion Week, as well as independent shows during New York Fashion Week and other global fashion destinations.

She is the African Ambassador for the Fashion Business Association of America, dedicated to help promote the Africa Fashion industry.


Sally Esinam Torpey has been featured in the African press and is a nationally and internationally recognized supporter of women’s empowerment.  In 2010, Sally founded the Sallet Fashion House and the Sallet Foundation, supporting training for a sustainable and industrialized apparel development and production industry in Ghana.  Supported by the Ministry of Trade, these organizations work to establish garment training facilities that create jobs for dressmakers and artisans in the region creating folklore apparel. She is working on creating hubs for production.


In 2003, Sally founded Sympathy International; an organization formed to educate teens and young women on the importance of female reproductive hygiene and has been among the youngest teenagers to collaborate with the Ghana Aids Commission to provide education in advocacy, care, and support on the prevention of HIV/AIDS in the entire Central Region of Ghana. Working together, Sally’s organizations and the government are empowering women to build healthy and sustainable livelihoods and a strong nation of independent women entrepreneurs featured in the Afrika post a Washington DC newspaper, Ghana web, Caribbean magazines, The CCWC Creative Magazine Miami FL, and the African Dream LLC Washington DC. She is also a women young entrepreneur case study for Growth Cap UK and others. Also, she speaks on International platforms across Africa and the US, on fashion business, women empowerment and personal development matters she is passionate about.


Sally views her fashion ambassadorship as an opportunity to be an Ambassador for Global Africa, Made in GHANA products and for all women in Africa apparel industry. Sally also was inaugurated as a KYEN Member (Kufuor Young Entrepreneurs).

She knows that her partnership with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to retool Community Development Vocational and Technical Institutes (CDVTIs) and partnership with The John A. Kufuor Foundation to design a Clothing and Accessories line named after the former President J. A Kufuor- “JAK-THE GENTLE GIANT CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES COLLECTION”

With trade missions in Florida, USA, UK, and Japan are all opportunities that will help create jobs and empower women and youth economically as she tells the story of a great leader through Fashion.

Vision for AGI Greater Accra Region 

AGI is one of the biggest if not the biggest industrial engines in Ghana as we say are the leading voice of Industries. Under AGI all of our industries from Pharmaceutical Industries, food and beverage companies, agribusiness industries,  my dear garment and textile industries, security, technology industries and many other industries.

As Ghana moves into opening up more to international communities with aid in mind, our amazing industry sectors are to generate their own resources to uplift our country. AGI, particular reference to Greater Accra has a vibrant forefront to propel all activities that comes to us as Industries to enhance our businesses.


AGI Accra region will need resourceful, innovative and selfless leaders to uplift our Industries. I as a treasurer will lobby and solicit for more support to carry out our AGI Greater Accra activities.


All SMEs and large scale companies must get and make use of the opportunities we get from B2Bs, Ministries of Trade and all other agencies respectively. Mobile soft funding for start-up companies. And well meaning partnerships for large scale businesses

Our capacity building to attract funding has to be paramount. AGI women in business have been launched. All women who lead businesses should benefit from these great initiatives.




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