The Pharmaceutical Sector of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) ensures that producers of medicines operate a market that functions efficiently and has good supply chain through the support we provide.

Ghana’s health care market is one of the most attractive markets in Sub-Sahara Africa for US products and investment. Improvement and expansion of health care is one of the central pillars of the government of Ghana’s human development agenda is underlying factor in the government’s overall strategy for accelerated growth in the country.

Ghana’s demographics remain reflective of its lower-middle income status: the average life expectancy is 60.9 years and infant mortality remains far above the world average (43 vs. 32 deaths per 1,000 live births in 2015).

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana is the umbrella professional association of all registered Pharmacists in Ghana. It is a non-governmental organization with statutory positions on the Pharmacy Council and other organizations relating to pharmacy or medicines. The Society with AGI plays advocacy, organizational, educational and control roles locally and internationally.

The objectives of the society include placing at the disposal of the government and people of Ghana, the benefit of pharmaceutical expertise and to cooperate with the government and other agencies in ensuring that pharmaceutical services comparable to the best globally, are available and accessible to the people of Ghana. Other objectives include promoting cooperation and collaboration among health care professionals, promoting a corporate spirit among Pharmacists in Ghana, encouraging exchange of ideas among members and organizing meetings and other functions to promote social intercourse amongst members. The society also works to ensure the observance of high ethical standards among Pharmacists and fosters close relationships with Pharmacy students.

AGI is involved in the pursuit of research activities connected with the advancement of pharmaceutical knowledge and to disseminate scientific and professional information by means of lectures, symposia, publications and any other means available within the laws of Ghana.



Mr. Samuel Amo Tobbin, Executive Chairman of Tobinco Pharmaceuticals LTD (TPL) has over 20 years experience in managing business. He is the Executive Chairman of The Tobinco Group of Companies which includes: Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Banking, Insurance, FM station and many more.

He has previously solely grown Tobinco Company Limited in General merchandise. As a business strategist and an entrepreneur, Samuel Amo Tobbin has been the engine which is growing his company from strength to strength.

He has undergone an extensive training in Finance, Management and Strategic Planning with hands on experience to run his business efficiently. He was recently nominated for an Honorary Doctorate Degree from a University in Denmark for his experience in Business Management and Strategy.

In 2008 Tobinco Pharmacy was honoured by the Ghana Private & Dental Association for the most TRUSTED brand – ALAXIN August 2011. Mr. Samuel Amo Tobbin was adjudged the marketing man of the year, 2010. Popular anti-malaria drug, ‘Lonart,’ produced by Tobinco Pharmaceuticals, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Ghana, was adjudged The Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) product of the Year, 2014.
He has a passion for the vulnerable and the needy in society. Some of his Social Responsibility Projects include: Provision of one thousand five hundred (1,500) Health Insurance Cards for women and children in Accra, The building and furnishing of an ultra – modern office complex for The Ghana Police Service at Kotobabi District in the Greater Accra Region and Instituted a scheme that pays monthly stipend to about two hundred (200) widows in the Church of Pentecost and many others.

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