In Ghana, the financial services industry is dominated by the banking sector, though insurance, pension and capital markets have emerged in recent times as a result of past financial sector reforms. The implementation of the Financial Sector Strategic Plan (FINSPP) in 2003 promoted the evolution of various financial sector institutions which emerged to meet the varied financial needs of the population.

Consistent with the government’s vision, the project has an underlying theme of establishing an enabling environment supported by effective regulations with an objective that all savers and investors will have the benefit of regulatory oversight. The operating financial intermediaries include both foreign and local major banks, Rural and Community Banks (RCBs), Savings and Loans Companies (SLCs) and other finance and leasing companies.

The number of institutions existing in the various categories as at the end of December 2016 is as follows:

Banks (Including 4 Rep. Offices) – 37

Rural and Community Banks – 148

Non-Bank Financial Institutions – 65

Forex Bureaux – 402

Insurance Companies – 49

Re-insurance Companies – 3

Insurance Brokers – 70

GSE Listed Companies – 35

GSE Licensed Stockbrokers – 21

Remittance Companies – 2


The financial sector of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) is a body that offers support to all finance industry players including Banks Savings and Loans Companies, Rural Banks and all other establishments that are engaged in providing financial and banking services.



A Chartered Accountant with membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana (ICAG) and Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). Mr. Issah Adam also holds a BSc. Administration, (Accounts option) degree from the School of Administration, University of Ghana (now the University of Ghana Business School).

He has extensive work experience in various capacities in reputable organizations like Total Ghana (formerly Mobil Oil), Unilever Ghana Limited, Ghana Agro Food Company Limited in the field of Finance, Accounting and Banking spanning a period of over twenty years.

He is currently the CEO of GN Bank Limited; a position he has held since January 2016. He is an ardent golfer and married with three (3) children.

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