The Advertising Sector of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) is a sector that carries out proactive support services to help grow and develop the advertising industry in Ghana.
The Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG) working through AGI is the Industry Body and Professional Institute for Ghana’s thriving and highly potent Advertising and Marketing Communications business. It advises, analyses, comments, educates, informs, inspires, innovates, lobbies, promotes, set standards and rewards marketing communications that work.
The aims and objectives of the Association are:
1. To promote public confidence in the Advertising profession.
2. To safeguard the common interests to those engaged in or using advertising for the promotion of common action and the institution of protective measures.
3. To encourage the study of the theory and practice of advertising and the improvement of its techniques, by the institution of study, examination and award of certificates.
4. To establish that efficient advertising in an essential factor in the marketing of goods and services and in the economic life of the country.
5. To demonstrate the efficiency of the services, that advertising and its associated interests can give to government, industry and the public.
6. To further the adoption of standards or practice in the business relations between media owners, advertising agencies and advertisers.



Ms. Mansa Amoa-Awuah is currently the Vice President of the Advertisers Association of Ghana (AAG) and also the representative of the AAG to the AGI National Council. Mansa Amoa-Awuah is the founder and CEO of Saki Publicity; a full-service advertising agency that she has helmed for the last two decades. She began her professional career as a Barrister in the United Kingdom in the 1980’s, transitioning seamlessly from the 1990’s into the world
of marketing communications a fortiori.
As the lead at Saki Publicity, Mansa leverages on her unique blend of the legal, management practice and marketing communications disciplines to deliver to her clients, fresh perspectives not only focused on transforming her clients’ businesses and brands but perhaps
more importantly, on effectively navigating the legal and regulatory landscapes within which they operate a network of trusted clients consisting of start-ups, local brands and major multinationals.
Mansa is the current Vice President of the Advertising Association of Ghana, a position to which she was elected to in 2014 after serving the Association for eight years as an elected Executive Council Member.
Beyond her duties at Saki Publicity and her responsibilities at the AAG, Mansa holds directorship on the boards of some prestigious multinational companies operating in Ghana.
As part of her community and philanthropic related activities, Mansa makes time to serve on the board of the Leukemia Project Foundation, which seeks to provide a better understanding of blood disorders and improve healthcare delivery for Leukemia patients in the country.

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